Audio + Video: 'Good To Love' Is A Good Look For FKA twigs

The understated beauty of FKA twigs "Good To Love" is where my ambivalence turns to admiration, where the likable halves come together, finally, as a whole. Not that I haven't liked FKA twigs, but more so I liked the 'idea' of her, liked the fact that she knows how to extend her art through visual means as she made paintings come to life for singles, "Two Weeks" and "Glass & Patron", giving me faith in music videos again. Still everything else was just 'okay' for me. Yes, this is me being that cane-swinging old biddy who feels that the 'shriek-y cerebrum-scaping space sprite' act is hallmark of left of center ladies such as Bjork and Toyah with little room to spare, but! "Good To Love" is where I finally 'get' why FKA twigs causes folks to swoon.

The song is persuasive, a love ballad that has the weightless craft of some of Kate Bush's most crystallized romantic notions and while its not as elaborate or cunning as the erotic, "Two Weeks", the simplicity, the stripping down to the bare bone of it all in so few words is mesmerizing, and hints that FKA twigs doesn't always have to go all-out outrĂ© to make a bold statement. I quite like her like this. Lana Del Rey collaborator Rick Nowels provides her with a chilled-out atmosphere that matches with her lithe vocal performance, her evoking like some sinister Sade.

Rolling around between bed sheets might not be the most entertaining video (and it does certainly remind me of how I resist climbing out of the comfort and warmth of my bed to tend to my annoying phone alarm), but the isolated, quiet struggle of confessing the need for personal connection while also trying to smother that notion out with each toss and turn, makes the sultry black-and-white visual more thoughtful, less voyeuristic. The Imma-directed visual is a quiet reminder to us all how its "good to love" with full abandon, even when often times the words and our insecurities get in the way.

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