Audio: All Icona Pop Wants Is 'Someone Who Can Dance'

We all hear things different. One man's nails-on-chalkboard caterwauling is another's pop-tastic treasure. Personally, I was a little bummed that Icona Pop's last single, "Emergency" was given a lukewarm shrug last year. To my ears it felt less formulaic than a bulk of their stuff on their debut album as it charmed my Gatsby-loving heart with its nods towards speakeasy-styled swing.

Icona Pop return to acidic electro-pop with "Someone Who Can Dance", and according to my ears, this is a surefire winner. The Swedish pop duo are up front about wanting the bass up in their face and glitter covering the floor as they hunt for someone to go on the disco 'round with them, and producer Jarrad Rogers aka MSTER ROGERS answers their request as the track is encrusted with bejeweled pop tart attitude and thunderous bass that pounces like a panther on the prowl. Rawr! 

Sure nothing will beat "I Love It", but this is a tune and a half right here...
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