One Year Down. More Audio Diva-ness To Come.

Throwing crazy amounts of glitter confetti because Audio Diva 2.0 is celebrating its one year anniversary!!!

This past year has been one of reflect and chaos. Tide in and out. Thrills and spills. It wasn't easy to revive a blog project that is near and dear to me, and believe me, I had lots of doubts deciding if Audio Diva's shift in tone was worth the effort. At first, it felt pointless to start from scratch as time was better spent trying to get my fledgling freelance career off of the ground, but some things are hard to let go, and this blog is one of those things that has become a further extension of myself, and to severe ties with it was like sawing off another limb.

Okay, that was graphic, and sorry if you were eating a nice meal while reading that...still, it's true, this blog is what keeps me grounded, what keeps me energized for writing and for life's ever-changing soundtrack. Even though the purpose of this blog is to inform, entertain, and to shed a closer light on the much marginalized female singer, it's still a personal part of me. It took me several years and over 1000 posts to come to this conclusion, but that is the zany part of craft work --- you never know when that light will hit and you’ll be stumbling in the dark for 98% of the time.

I know I probably lost some people with the switcheroo. I know that there were people who might have gotten turned-off when I decided to take a quieter approach to conducting this blog as I made it less about me being a "personality", and more about what I enjoyed and what music and musicians I felt weren't getting the shine they deserved. To paraphrase Joan Didion, we do lose touch with the people we used to be, and the girl who wrote Audio Diva from 2008 to 2014 is no more. She's still in me in spirit, but I have grown so much within this blog project that I don't feel her as strongly, and I feel good about that to be quite honest.

The only bad thing is that I am but one person behind this site. It's why this site isn't like others where it's always up-to-date, with the big exclusives, and featuring a ton of workload each week. I wish it was possible, but they haven't allowed the rights to clone humans. I also am just a lowly peon in blogging, so homespun charm is all I have to offer :-) Still, I'm proud of this space, proud that I made a change in voice, and happy with what I share and write here. Even when there are days when I want to throw my laptop out of my window and become the dental hygienist my mother always wanted me to be, I still feel that doing this blog is worthwhile and it's why I'm pressing onward with it.

So whoever is out there reading and listening, thank you to the 1000th power. I truly appreciate the comments and the readership that I receive. Seriously. You don't know what it means to me when I get a little message in my in-box with someone dropping a comment or to see the top 5 rotate the way it does (yes, I do look at the numbers from time to time...), it means someone is reading, someone is listening, it means I'm not talking to the wall and that I'm on the right track.

To not drone on even further, I'm going to repeat myself by saying that I would like to thank all of my loyal readers and followers for sticking with me through all the hills and valleys and dead silences, I appreciate ya, and enjoy ya, and hope you'll continue on this adventure with me!


- Jen (Audio Diva)

+ + + +

Well, Looky Here, I Wrote These 5 Fabulous Posts!

I apologize for not having any cake and ice cream --- I ate it all. It was delicious if you wanted to know. Well, what is better than cake and ice cream? Okay, nothing, but work with me here...what is better is that I'm going to pat myself on the back for a job well done and name off the five posts that I quite enjoyed writing here in this space. You might have liked them too (or not), but to me they were posts that I had a lot of fun writing and didn't cringe about when I re-read them over. So, let's get on with it shall we?

...oh, and since this is a party, let's highlight these favored posts by getting down with some .gifs!

The Groove Is In The Style Of Lady Miss Kier

Deee-Groovy! My ode to Deee-Lite's Lady Miss Kier and her fabulous wardrobe was probably one of my all-time favorite pieces to write and research. Yes, a lot of tireless research went into learning about Pucci, retro prints, and club kid culture of the early '90s  --- don'tcha wish your job was as hot like mine?

Mahogany & The Politics Of Carefree Black Girls

It may not be a masterpiece, and at times strays from the womanist qualities it hints at, but Mahogany is more than its camp factor. It's really a celebration of fashion, Black love, and carefree Black womanhood, and oh yeah, Diana Ross in her pristine prime. Yaaas queen! I didn't mention this in the piece, but my Mom and I kind of bond over this movie. It's one of the few things we can agree on watching together aside from horror films and The Fugitive television series. And since we're weird sometimes out of nowhere we will quote lines from it, and re-create the insane, unintentionally hilarious car scene where Diana is pulling her hair and screaming at Anthony Perkins. We've even done the scene in public, embarrassing my father at every turn. Ah, Mahogany --- bringing mothers and daughters together since 1975.

Unleashing Kate Bush's 'Hounds Of Love'

While drafting up the post series about my favorite female albums of 1985, I realized that Hounds Of Love was just too massive to commit to just a few paragraphs. It's Kate Bush's opus, her masterwork, and no way did it deserve a mere reflection. It's an indulgent post for sure (because only my over-analytical ass would write a lengthy piece about an album probably not many people have heard...), but I really wrote the ever lovin' shit out of it and I was feeling great after I clicked the publish button --- which doesn't happen often.

The Search For The Greatest Love Of All In 'Beyond The Lights' 

A somewhat serious assessment of Gina Prince-Blythewood's 2014 romantic-musical which I believed brilliantly captured the sad state of affairs of how mainstream music starlets often lose control of their personal and physical agency. Fame, fortune, and hip-hop culture has never looked bleaker nor more realistic. As much as the romance between Noni and Kaz had me swooning ( was the presence of Nate Parker...), I was touched by how well-thought out the film was and that these characters were given depth as well as (*spoiler alert*) some redemption. We need more movies like this.

Pomp & Circumstance For The Class Of 2005

I wish I could've busted into my 10-year high school reunion Romy & Michele style, but I don't think any of my former classmates could handle all my fabulousness in such an enclosed place like that. I'd disrupt the natural order with my hair alone. Then again, I didn't like any of those heckles and jeckles any ol' way so why give them a free show? Still the best thing about living it up in 2005 as a high school senior was plugging into the year's soundtrack. So in taking a trip back, I uncovered an old burnt CD that I made prior to my high school graduation (with the help of Kazaa of course) and I allowed the shenanigans and my embarrassment to run wild via post. Actually, listening to the final year of my adolescence wasn't too bad, I re-discovered the amazingness that was Emma Bunton's "Maybe" and realized that I don't '1, 2 Step' as often as I should. So in conclusion, it was all very win-win.
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