Liner Notes: Chloe x Halle's 'Sugar Symphony' Hits The Sweet Spot

I wish I could get excited about Beyonce like everybody and their mama, but alas that feeling evades me. As an anomaly to the swarm, it's strange that I have excitement for some busy bees from the Queen Bee hive --- and I'm not talking about Solange this time.

Chloe x Halle may be only 16 and 17, respectively, but age ain't nothin' but digits in this case as these two singer-instrumentalist sisters from Atlanta have an intellect and creative panache that takes most artists many albums (and many years) to be able to cultivate. In 2013 they made the Interwebs stand at attention when their cover of Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts" went viral. After the visual caught Beyonce's eye, she took them under her wing and signed them to her Parkwood Entertainment label for a reported cool million. Since taking flight, the sister duo have gone on to be featured on First Lady Michelle Obama's charity single, "This Is For My Girls" alongside Janelle Monae, Kelly Clarkson, and Missy Elliott. And if you caught Beyonce's conversation piece, Lemonade, the sisters had a prominent role in it, sharing scenes and expanding the sisterhood with other young luminaries like ZendayaAmandla Stenberg, and French twin sister singing duo, Ibeyi

With their debut EP, Sugar Symphony (and its total eye candy cover --- dig on the homages to Run DMC's King of Rock and the classic baby-breath coif of Minnie Riperton), Chloe x Halle hit a sweet spot where alt-R&B, electronica, and trap collide. Their restrained, yet gorgeously haunting vocals garnish the heady mix to peerless effect, all of it wrapped in a sense of awareness towards pop music aesthetic. "Drop", their debut single, is a prime example of such a understanding as the excellent and startlingly mature track crawls through a nocturnal fog of dense beats, the sisters voices echoing eerie like restless ghosts. All it takes is one listen and your spine will chill --- in a good way.

Sugar Symphony provides lasting flavor with the remainder of its infectious contents. "Lazy Love" popcorn pops into synth-drenched bliss, as does "Red Lights" which recalls the spaciness of early Santigold. The 808's and heartbreak of "Thunder" is a slow-building textural stunner, that mutates into thickets of mechanical electronic dance. To close, "Fall" shivers in a classical piano-led waltz that is nothing short of breathtaking.

Sugar, spice and everything nice, that's what the Bailey sisters and their dope debut are made of, and I'm for sure anticipating what other delectable confections they have in store. Consider me and my sweet tooth all ears.

+ Sugar Symphony is available for purchase and download via iTunes, and for streaming via Spotify and YouTube
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