Video: Dammn Baby! Janet Jackson Shuts It Down Automatic & Is Still Very Much In Control

Let me be real --- Janet Jackson had me a bit vexed after she made the abrupt decision to postpone her Unbreakable World Tour, but after hearing that she's got a bun in the oven on the real, all my laments dissipated and I couldn't be happier for Mama Jan Jan and her family! While the Unbreakable World Tour is probably a done deal with Janet making plans to have her daughter or son finish this tour (serious, this kid will have the Jackson genes --- it'll be singing and moonwalking out of the uterus...), it's better late than never that Janet is putting the balm on the hurt by giving fans and stans the visuals for the single we've all wanted her to release since we first spun Unbreakable.

That's right, it's that crunchy hot bop,"Dammn Baby" and it's gettin' lit on the visual grey line as Janet and her troop of dancers stick to minimalist chic, popping, locking  n' gliding on slick choreography that taps on some of that old school groove with a few little new tricks that were no doubt pulled out of Janet's glorious, free-flowing coif. While the video isn't filled with intricate symbolism, sweeping narratives, celebrity cameos, and filmed with 12 directors at the helm (*sucks a lemon*), "Dammn Baby" is the type of video that is comfort food for a Janet fan.

True, it does look familiar, mirroring "Make Me" in its black-in-white color scheme and minimal sound stage set-up, but there are little things that stand out and are worth appreciating such as the shade to twerking with Janet doing some "petty" clapping (love it!), and a throwback to the "I Get Lonely" moves during that delish breakdown. Also this video is the perfect mic drop towards those who feel that Janet can't come correct anymore with her dancing game, because from the looks of it, Janet is serving and shutting it down, still in full-tilt control. Age ain't nothin' but digits, remember?

Though a tear sheds as I get that refund for my postponed Unbreakable stop (what? Janet needs to understand that I got bills to pay and some new summer wedges to purchase...), I do smile through the tears, knowing that Janet is still owning the dance floor and will be the coolest mommy on the planet when that blessed little bundle of joy arrives. Dammn baby indeed!
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