Cover Smother: Betty Who Loves, Always & Forever

Betty Who is rumored to be going full-tilt Britney Spears at some points for her upcoming follow-up to her deliciously pop debut, Take Me Where You Go, but Who is allowing rumors to turn true as she dips into a '90s state of mind by delivering a lush re-fix of Donna Lewis' "I Love You Always Forever".

If you were around in 1996 "I Love You Always Forever" was an inescapable ear worm of the cloying and cutesy kind. Even though it's considered one of the longest running #2 singles ever, it has since gone into literal obscurity --- that is until someone hums that familiar chorus line ("I love you always forever, near and far, closer together, everywhere I will be with you, everything I will do for you..."). The song was once revived by JoJo as she put a R&B spin on it via her annual #LoveJo2 mixtape last year (with Lewis promptly crying 'copyright infringement!', hence it's removal), but the tall Aussie with the fizzy pop sound arrives with a fresh (and legal) version, upcycling it for Millennial sake.

The tenderness of the track is still present, but one difference is that Who doesn't pinch the song's chubby cheeks as it begins with a stirring acapella opening (what Who dubs as her "Pentatonix moment") and then with Who's well-defined vocals the song delves into a few moodier turns, especially when that emotion packed bridge takes hold.

This is definitely not the song I slow danced to during my middle school's 'Spring Fling' dance, let me tell you...
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