Video: Erykah Badu Serves Beatnik Coolness For Miles Davis & Robert Glasper's 'Maiysha (So Long)'

I remember catching the news a few months ago that jazz instrumentalist and composer Robert Glasper was culling together a roster of talented acts for his Miles Davis' tribute album, Everything's Beautiful. The album was to be an extension of his work on the soundtrack for Don Cheadle's much-anticipated Miles Davis bio-pic, Miles Ahead, and in similar hat-tip to Glasper's 2015 tribute to Nina Simone, Nina Revisited, in light of the Liz Garbus' documentary, What Happened, Miss Simone?

Of course I was pleased to see that Glasper was working again with former Black Radio alums such as KING, Stevie Wonder, and Bilal, but special interest was reserved for none other than Erykah Badu. Badu and Glasper had some amazing chemistry on Mongo Santamaria's iconic, "Afro Blue" so it's not a shock that they would cover Davis' "Maiysha" from the 1974 Get Up With It compilation, and excel beautifully on it.

"Maiysha (So Long)" is a divine glance back at one of Davis' long-forgotten gems, just this version is re-worked to do it's job in half the time and is embellished with wistful lyrics. Even better is the track's visual, which hops in a time machine back to the turbulent 1960s for a little 'cool like dat' realness.

The extended version of the visual has Badu and Glasper stepping into the roles of singer "Sarah Bellam" and bandleader "Roberto Glasper", respectively. Sarah is a beret-wearing beatnik chanteuse with a mad hot, liquor-induced temper, whom Roberto has to repeatedly coax in order to get her on stage with the right frame of mind. When he is finally able to calm her down and out of her dressing room, Sarah eases her way into the bossa nova mood of the song, allowing herself to mellow out. Things aren't mellow for long as when the show's over all hell breaks loose. While this bit of theatrics has really little to do with Miles Davis or the song at hand, it's still a lot of fun to witness Miss Badu be her usual 'out there' self.

Plus that pastel pink lip shade is on fleek, is it not?

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