Audio: 'Come With' Sophie Ellis-Bextor To The Land Of Disco

I love it when Sophie Ellis-Bextor is shaken, not stirred.

^ This is more or less a petty jab at her trying her hand at folkish down-tempos for 2014's Wanderlust, an album while beautiful, ambitious, and admirable to those who hadn't boarded the Sophie Express was a collection that I myself just didn't have the patience for. Forgive me for being "uncultured" and inflexible when it comes to change, but I've been spoiled for two decades with Sophie's hi-NRG dance tunes and electro-slow jams, and while I appreciate her gusto to emerge out of her comfort zone, I'm sorry, but when I hear the name "Sophie Ellis-Bextor" I want to dance, dammit.

Well, it seems that Sophie will make her sixth album, Familia (out this September) the danceable affair cranky, dance-thirsty folks like me have been vying for, this all clued from its introductory single, "Come With Us". "Come With Us" is Sophie's return (thank goodness) to being a nouveau disco queen, as it shimmers, swings, and sways like it's 1977 with guitars boogie-oogie-oogie-ing up a storm, and Sophie's come-hither tone perfectly seasoned throughout its intoxicating pulse.

To a passive listener, "Come With Us" isn't an instant attraction like the naughts classic, "Murder On The Dancefloor" or her fantastic take on Cher's "Take Me Home", this is a disco cut that requires some repeated listens, a little immersion. But I bet once you latch on, you'll be feeling like Bianca Jagger, riding bareback on a horse out on the Studio 54 dancefloor circa 1977...or something to that extent.

Dance under the electric stars...

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