Audio: Nelly Furtado Brings It On 'Back'

In addition to seeing all the great hip-hop queens unite on VH1's Hip-Hop Honors early this week, it was kinda nice to see Nelly Furtado up there being her ever-cool self while giving Missy Elliott her props. Her inclusion was a curiosity, but it didn't bug me too much because anyone who comes up with an eclectic treasure like Folklore can do whatever they damn well please for life. Okay, well, not everything (2012's The Spirit Indestructible was pretty misguided...), but Miss Furtado always has my undivided attention whenever she embarks on a new venture as she never brings a dull moment.

Earlier this year I was quite interested in the news that she was working with Blood Orange (aka Dev Hynes) in the studio, and was puzzled that their cassette-only collaboration, "Hadron Collider" evaporated from 'net consciousness with the quickness (it has since re-surfaced on Hynes' political-driven, Freetown Sound, which is out now). Furtado's latest "Behind Your Back" feels like the Canadian songstress has picked up a few pointers from Hynes, as she adopts a vibe that is transfixed in deep electro-funk grooves. Vintage in its lean with lots of plucky guitar to boot, Furtado sounds like she's coming back 'round to the homegrown soulful sound of her Whoa! Nelly debut days, even right down to the song's lyrics where she exudes vulnerable honesty towards her ex-beau, but with a slight smirk on her face.

Furtado has confirmed that this song is just a mere "appetizer" to what she has planned for a bigger aural feast, but if this is just the first taste, then consider me hungry for more!
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