Audio + Video: Banks' Self-Love Game Ain't Like Yours

Self-love is a radical act in itself --- a sentiment that Banks has defined all too well with her latest single.

"Fuck With Myself" is not a self-love anthem that you cuddle and snuggle with, per say. It's an inky mood piece that pirouettes around in its eerie ballet of minimalism and rhythm tinged blues as Banks nurses her crave to be her own best friend, hissing this bold desire via chorus: "I used to care what you think about me, cause my love's so good, I fuck with myself, more than anyone else."

In keeping things self-centered, Banks recruits Phillipa Price to direct the video, and it's a gothic waltz through Banks' intimate mind. The Los Angeles-based singer views herself through a cracked mirror and slinks around contorting dancers whom all sport her face as their mask. But the pièce de résistance is Banks fondling and flicking her tongue all over the mannequin bust of herself, later torching it aflame as if to say that she's not an inanimate thing to be messed and mangled with...or so I'm decoding.

Disturbing, beautiful, with just the right pinch of fraught sensuality, "Fuck With Myself" and its visual mark a fine return for Banks' whose follow-up to 2014's Goddess is on the horizon come this September --- and you bet I'll be sure to take some time from a little self-loving of my own to cop me a copy. *wink*

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