Audio: Christina Aguilera & Nile Rodgers Get Down With 'Telepathy'

Disco has been on my brain for the last few weeks or so. Just this week I finished reading Peter Shapiro's Turn The Beat Around: The Secret History Of Disco, and due to it being a fascinating read with an extensive discography (more on that later, that is if you follow me on GoodReads!), I dug deep into string-filled, bass slappin' bliss and I don't think I can come down from such a high. Fortunately, Christina Aguilera has dropped a shimmering disco-fied strut that will sho' nuff  keep me on that groove line for months to come.

"Telepathy" is Christina's soundtrack contribution for Baz Lurhman's Netflix series, The Get Down, a series I've been anticipating for some time due to its focus on the last days of disco into the wild new frontiers of hip-hop by way of the Bronx, circa 1977. As someone who loves this transitional era of music that also birthed such sub-cultures as punk and ballroom, you bet I'll be binge-watching the series when it premieres its first half this Friday (August 12). Though the reviews have been less-than glowing, I'm putting a bit more stock in its soundtrack, as Lurhman has recruited Nas and Grandmaster Flash to curate a vibe that will give sonic accuracy to such an exciting period of musical and cultural change.

"Telepathy" is a good look, as it hones in on disco penchant for angelic symphonics, brazen brass, and big diva voices --- one that Christina possesses and has often put to good use --- and on this she gives off echoes of Donna Summer with a light nod to Jocelyn Brown when the drama climaxes. And since you can't say disco without the name of Chic legend, Nile Rodgers being uttered, he's rightly present here, adding in his iconic rhythm line to bolster up the carnal-craving lyricals that Sia has scribed. Speaking of ballroom, "Telepathy" is prime for some vogue-ing inside the House of La Beija, as its got that percolating backbeat that was meant to whack and pose the night away.

This is a nice change of pace after her emotional tribute to the victims of the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting, and a nice wink towards the kind of vibe Miss Xtina might be cooking up for her long-awaited, X8 project.

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