All The Single Ladies: Week #4 - Kimbra, Lykke Li, Arima Ederra, Yuna & Sylvie Grace

My 200th post! Yay!

Kimbra - Sweet Relief 

Um, I was slumbering on this....

While I hide my shame at not highlighting new Kimbra (from September no less...womp) let me allow my favorite zany New Zealander to give the deets on what this new single means:
‘Sweet Relief’ came from a season of experimentation where I took time to work with some upcoming artists and producers that I love. I’m a big fan of Redinho’s work. We made this track together in London. It highlights our shared love of warped funk and groove royals like Prince and Janet Jackson. For me, the song explores the push and pull of human desire for intimacy, the tension and power of touch, and a liberation of the senses. I’m about to start recording my third album, which is already going in new directions for me, but I really wanted to share this song before I embark on that new endeavor.
Warped funk, "Sweet Relief" definitely is. I do hear Prince in there, and a smidgen of Janet --- especially in those high-pitched parts --- and during the breakdown there is a little Tim Burton/Danny Elfman spooky-poo weirdness going on. Me likes a lot.

Oh, and if your in for a good ol' mind fuck, watch the video...

Lykke Li/Liv - Wings Of Love

SO. Fleetwood. Mac. But. SO. Freaking. Good.

"Wings Of Love" is the first fruit of labor from the super group, Liv, which features the roster of Lykke Li, Jeff Bhasker, Miike Snow members Andrew Wyatt and Pontus Winnberg, and Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John. Whew. The song is more easy-going than saying all those names 5 times fast, and so is the video, which marks Lykke Li's directorial debut, and features nakedness, running through trees, and random artwork. You know, pure 2016 hippy-dippy-hipster bullshat.

But the song is gooooood. 1970s revival gooooood.

Arima Ederra - In My Garden

Though it deals with New Year's Resolutions (and why it's silly to make them), Anais Nin's quote is so damn true about how the habit of making plans, sanctioning and molding one's life is a daily event. Los Angelian, Arima Ederra's latest cut shares that same sentiment, just that a garden is the metaphor for continuous personal growth itself. You won't be "waiting to sprout" with this serene and beautiful joint, all you have to do is kick-back, and watch your garden grow, this tune being all the photosynthesis you need.

"In My Garden" is the first single for Arima's upcoming sophomore EP, Temporary Fixes (out November 15th), and since I liked her last EP, 2012's Earth To Arima, I know for sure I'm going to enjoy this one even more.

Yuna - LoveSong

Anything 1980s, and I'm there. So you bet I had my ears perked up for, The Time Is Now!a collection of re-imagined '80s hits by such diverse performers as Bebel Gilberto, Aloe Blacc, Marian Hill, and more, in order to support amFar AIDS benefit. Aside from Theophilus London being born to re-make Wang Chung's "Dance Hall Days", Yuna makes a wonderful and medative entry with The Cure's "Lovesong. I know, I know Adele made the definitive cover of this song, but Yuna's chic rendering takes the song into a soulful house space, one that gives the feeling if Sade or Everything But The Girl took a stab at it.

Sylvie Grace - Lately

Trying to figure oneself out is not always a smooth ride, but Sylvie Grace makes self-doubt, growing pains, and pushing past personal demons sound about as pleasant as a Sunday drive by the sparkly lakeside. Serious. This is about the most serene "The internal struggle is fo' real" song I've ever heard. "Lately" merges aquatic synths with grainy, folksy guitars, and the mesh a delight to the ears. I'm glad I stumbled on this Chicagoan vocalist and songwriter (and cellist, and poet, and romantic...etc.), as she has the same patience and grace as Andy Allo did before she met Prince and began to wild out. If you've heard, Allo's UnFresh debut, you'll notice how Sylvie and Andy have a similar vocal tone, and with "Lately" it was nice to revisit that vibe. Lots of interesting tempo changes happen here as well, and stay tuned for the 3 minute mark where some really cool diction and technical things happen. A hidden gem this one is.
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