Liner Notes: Summer Of Muhsinah

While the sharp stab of cool fronts and the aromatic sweet of pumpkin spice are announcing the rise of autumn, there is still nothing like reminiscing on the love(s) we had in summer. Muhsinah knows that we're all kind of jonesing for summer to return, I myself wish I could get a do-over on summer as mines just went by in a blur of boxes and empty pockets (note to self: never ever move again), but in some ways I can vicariously live through the what-could've-been as I catch some sonic rays with Muhsinah's calendar collection of summer joints.

Don't feel bad for not being aware of these EP drops (which are now available on Spotify and Apple Music) or for keeping tabs with Muhsinah's monthly project, as the D.C.-musician took advantage of summer's lazy days doling out these EP's at a more languid sprawl. In today's "binge-now, sleep later" culture it's nice to be able to take time with music like this, allowing each month to speak in the way it wants to. Short and sweet again are the collections, and all are flavored with Muhsinah's brand of hypnotique alt-soul. Only August is on that live vibe, as Muhsinah revives tracks from February, March, and April for a special live performance that was streamed live on August 10th at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

Of the highlights? May has the rhythmically scathing "Rob", where Muhsinah bites the (static-y) beat as she dances all over the pieces of her broken heart. June and July share in carefree and bouncy bops with "Strawberry Moon" and the Alex Isley featured "High Road" being highlights. And "Careless" gets an acidic alt-rock make-over for its live-wire act.

So bring a little bit of that summer back into the flurry of falling leaves...and keep it close so you can thaw yourself out when winter rears its frosty head.

BONUS: And if you missed Muhsinah's live performance on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center because you were chilling and Netflixing too dang much this summer, then have at it via YouTube.

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