If you would like to submit a guest post for the blog and become an 'Audio Amigo', please e-mail me:

+ a link to your site/blog 
+ a small bio about yourself
+ a photo of yourself (if not, then an avatar icon that you would use on social media)
+ a small synopsis (2 to 5 sentences) of what you have in mind for a posting

Once I have reviewed your information and gotten in contact with you I will give you further instructions on how to submit to me your guest post.

Please note that the post should be at a minimum of about 100-200 words (more or less depending on topic) and should also include photos and/or embeddable videos. 

I prefer if you have the post already written before you e-mail me so that things can go a bit smoother. If you don't have the full post done, at least have something tangible drafted so that when you do complete it I can edit and post your piece within a week's time. To put it simply --- just don't screw around. It's just bad etiquette if you say you're going do something and don't follow through, and if you do that I will drop you from the post schedule and move on to someone else.

Also be mindful that I can't get to every guest post idea that comes my way so just be patient and aware. But if you have a great idea for a guest post, don't be shy, please feel free to e-mail me with your idea so that scheduling, editing, and posting time can be done ASAP.

+ + + +

Please be mindful of what Audio Diva is all about. It is a blog that is majorly about women in music from singers, songwriters, producers, etc., and I'd like to keep the guest posts related within the frame of that, as well as the blog's overall look/feel. I'm looking for interesting pieces that extend beyond the new artist and audio write-ups that I already do. So truly think out-of-the-box to make your contribution stand out.

Writing is all about making people care, even if it's about the small and mundane things we don't take second glances at. So the question you should always try to answer whenever you write is: "why should the readers care?" Also you should care about the subject at hand as well. If you have zero interest in the subject and are just writing it to be writing it because the artist/trend is popular or just because you want to see your name in a byline, then that isn't any fun and it'll be a struggle to write --- trust.

Oh, and do not contact me asking me to come up with the idea for the guest post for you as that defeats the sole purpose of what guest posting actually is. Guest posting is all about what YOU want to write and present to the readers of this blog so trust yourself and GO FOR IT!
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